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The Healing power of Art Therapy In Prision 


Throughout this research paper I will be discussing the wide range of how the arts can emotionally, physically and philosophically transform inmate during there experience in prison.  

In my paper “The Healing power of Art Therapy in prison” will cover a wide range of arts such as painting, drawing, theater and writing. My goal is to bring awareness to people on how the arts can help heal the minds of prisoners as they are experiencing hardship. Art how can be used to not only help prisoners deal with what is going on in their current situation but can be used as a tool to help deal with past traumas and how to cope with future challenges. 

Over 2.2 million people are currently in U.S jails or prisons, I found this number to be shockingly high. This fact brought awareness to me that there need to be many more art therapy programs set in place to help educate prisons on how to cope with their emotions. I have a big love for art therapy and a curiosity of how it helps some of the most challenging situations, this compelled me to create my research project “The Healing power of Art Therapy In Prisons”. 

I believe this topic is important because people need to be educated on mental and emotional health and how to manage this throughout there lives. In prisons there is a wide range of reasons as to why inmates are there. As an outsider coming into prison to help others can be a bit of an intimidating experience but I believe it is extremely important to have people who are willing to  help educate inmates. I am a big believer in peace and I think there is a lot of negativity the exists within the world. From my understanding a way to promote peace is by helping people become more aware of there own mental and emotional health. 

My goal by writing this research paper is to help people understand how art therapy can help individuals in the prison system and to be able to back up my writing with significant research to help people see the changes art therapy makes on prisoner’s mental health. 

This is the schedule I am using to help keep me organized throughout my research process. 

October 5th– collecting important research from many sources including twitter to help me best guide me.  

October 8th– I will take my data that I have collected over the past three days and begin reviewing and organizing the materials that I have.  

October 17th– most all research is collected and my research outline is completed and I have begun making headway on the paper. 

November 7th– continue writing research paper adding in important research and reviewing what could help make the paper better. 

November 21st– going to the writing center to get paper edited and looking for feedback 

November 28th– using as a work day to continuing to make the paper better 

December 12- adding final touches and editing paper 

December17th- fished paper and ready to submit 

Noting that the dates in-between I will be working on paper. 


Applied Project 

For my applied project I am including art and self- reflection among friends to help bring awareness of mindfulness and relaxation.  

Art therapy is something I am very passionate about and I believe it can help bring peace to individuals minds and also be used as a tool for stress management. My idea is to meet three times throughout the semester with a group of friends and lead mindfulness art projects. After the activity is completed I am going to have each friend reflect how the artistic process changed their mental state. I will then collect their responses to use for my project. I think that this is a very valuable exercise and I would like to incorporate this in my future work to help others.  Challenges that could take place is making sure that my friends give detailed responses on how this project made them feel so that I will have enough information to use. 

I will use reflection on how each session went and what I felt went well and what I felt could be improved upon. 


October 23- first gathering will take place and I will lead mindfulness project 

November 17th– I will guide a separate group of friends a different mindfulness project 

December 1st– I will work with my last group of friends to guide mindfulness art project 

Days spent in-between date will be used to work on collected information from the guided art projects. 


  1. Absolutely love your research article idea. Art therapy could be SO useful in prisons; rehabilitation is way better in reducing recidivism as compared to just punishment. Can’t wait to read about your findings.

  2. I agree with Kate that the RA is just an awesome topic. I know it’s a lot to ask, but you should find a free hour and listen to this: It was so moving, about a Shakespeare theater program in a men’s high-security prison. It was amazing– totally recommend it, and maybe quite helpful for your research. Please let Janina or me know if we can assist you as you craft your outline, organize your source material, or do your writing.

    The AP is also solid. It obviously has the risk of devolving into just a casual friend thing, so try to be deliberately formal with the organization, structure, and documentation, so that you can make this a real applied academic experience rather than just an entertaining happening. But I think it will work fine as long as you pull it together thoughtfully!

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