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I have always been a strong believer that art can help heal the mind and relax the soul. Creating art for a therapeutic release is a something I always personally practice. I believe that art used as a therapeutic release can help uncover deeper emotions that are lingering within our subconscious, helps people to express themselves nonverbally, and overall can just turn a crappy day into a happy day!

My Applied Project          

For my applied project I decided to put my beliefs about art to the test! I personally met with three separate groups  to conduct this project. Within each group I started off by checking in with everyone and asking them to write down how their day was going and how they were feeling. After the group wrote down their feelings, Everyone took their turn to share about how their day was going. After that I lead the group through a mindfulness art project using lots of color and self expression. once the art was created, I checked back in with the group to see if their feelings had improved. You guessed it! In every single group each person shared that they were feeling calm and relaxed and that they were happy to take time out of the day to focus on their creativity. I talked to each group and gave them tips of how to take 10 minutes out of the day to used their creativity to help maintain relaxation, even if someone is having a stressful moment.

I found this project to be a very positive experience and even left me feeling more connected to others once this process was completed. I did not run into any glitches while conducting this art project and I was just personally happy to be able to help out my loved ones by teaching them the therapeutic benefits of art.

One comment

  1. I would certainly have liked more assessments here, and to hear more directly from the people involved in the project. This feels like a nice set of events, but I don’t get as much here as I would like to help me understand the goals and effects of the program. But a nice glimpse into how Art Therapy looks on the ground, and how it can be used in informal ways to make a difference in people’s lives.

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