Art Therapy



My Interdisciplinary Program is Art Therapy. This major is perfect for me because I have a huge passion for helping people but i also have a huge passion for art. I am a strong believer that art has huge mental health benefits  and my goal is to help people in communities heal through the power of art. I was originally an art education major but I felt as though there was a peace missing for me. Creating my own major has been so personally rewarding and I feel as though I am now excited for my future career. My Interdisciplinary program is a mix of many different art classes, social work classes and art education courses to best help for my future position as an art therapist.


I found that doing my applied project was very rewarding for me. I gathered with three separate groups to lead a mindfulness art project. We checked in with both before and after the art was created to see if the individuals mood had improved. In all three groups we found that everyones mood had improved. I loved being able to conduct a mindfulness art project with my friends and to be able to help them improve their mood.


I also really enjoyed writing my research article. My research article was about how art therapy can help heal inmates in prison.I found this journey to be so interesting and I learned so much throughout my research. I found that art therapy does in fact have significant benefits in prison systems! I think it is a great topic for anyone to learn about.

The Healing Power Of Art Therapy In Prisions


Together I feel as though my RA and AP have helped prepare me for my future. I believe I am now a lot more educated on important topics and also have first hand experience leading an art project. I am so incredibly grateful to have been a part of the Interdisciplinary program as i believe it has truly allowed me to follow my own authentic path. I am so excited to see where the next chapter in my life will lead me.



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