Better Sleep Can Build Emotional Resilience

The article that stuck out to me the most this week while working on my PLN was the article¬† I felt most drawn to this article because I am currently struggling with the consequences of not getting enough sleep at night and it is really taking its toll on me. This article goes on to discuss that getting enough sleep at night helps you with decision making, helping you feeling secure in your life and a lack of sleep can actually cause more fear and distress in your life. I completely agree that not getting enough sleep at night can cause you to be more fearful or in distress because I personally have experienced this. Lately I have been finding it hard to get more then five hours of sleep at night and this has caused me to walk around feeling like my head is all foggy and it seems like its been harder to stay positive or productive when i’m constantly exhausted. The article explained that people who get more REM sleep at night have less of a connection to the fear center of their brain. This was valuable for me to read because it brought awareness to me about what not getting enough sleep is psychically doing to me.


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