Bring on the joy! Does putting up your Christmas decorations early actually make you happier!?

For those who celebrate the Holidays, does decorating your home early actually bring you more joy!? Does your body fill with excitement once the holiday season approaches..or do you start to feel anxious about the madness to come!? Or perhaps does the holiday season make you feel sad as you miss your loved ones? For me I feel a little bit of all of those feelings but mostly I get so excited to start decorating and to overindulge in all of the christmas cookies.

While reading the article I learned that by putting up your Christmas decorations earlier might actually make you happier. There are many psychological reasons as to why a person would want to put there christmas decorations up early such as nostalgia. However even though the holidays can bring a lot of stress and anxiety, psychologist say that decorating for the holidays evokes feelings from childhood the brings backs memories of joy and magical thinking. I agree personally because when I decorate for christmas it revives the inner child in me!!

Photo taken by Ashley Hall

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