How My Personal Learning Network Helped Me!

Over the course of my semester I had the pleasure of creating my own personal learning network. I created this personal learning network on twitter where I was able to follow professionals within my future field and dive deeper into my education by viewing many different points of view by each professional. I followed accounts that were based off of Social Work, Art Therapy, mental health and holistic healing. As I built my personal learning network I would share what I was learning with my classmates using our class hashtag #IDSsem. By sharing with my classmates it provided us with the opportunity to learn from one another and to also spark new interests as we watched our fellow peers progress throughout the semester.

One of my favorite things about creating a personal learning network is that it gives you access to so many different people who are willing to share their open and honest views about many different topics. I also love that through this process I was able to connect with many students from different Universities about topics that are important to me. Each student I connected with had their own unique incite on life and helped paint a new perspective that I had never considered before. I found that one of the best ways to connect with others on my personal learning network was by tweeting out questions I had about life and I was always amazed by the helpful responses.

The biggest way I liked to use my Personal learning network was by finding interesting articles and tweeting them out. I think by tweeting an article gives others a lot more information then by trying to get your point across in a small 140 character tweet.

Here are some examples of my personal academic twitter page.

I liked to add articles that could benefit other students with their personal health.


Here is an example of me interacting with students from other Universities.

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