The Problem With Being Pretty

During my twitter search this week I came across the article which left me feeling kind of confused about the job hiring process. This article is about how research suggests that attractive people are less likely to be hired for jobs that are less desirable such as warehouse  workers, housekeepers, and customer service representatives. Professionals hiring for the jobs perceived attractive people to be entitled to good outcomes then others who were less attractive. The study showed that less attractive people were favored for less desirable jobs.

I am currently taking a course called Oppression and Diversity which covers topics such as discrimination in the work force and I find it to be disheartening to learn the reality of the hiring process. Although it is disheartening it is very relevant in my life as I am preparing to head into the work force, it is good to be educated on this topic. I don’t feel as though attractiveness should play into wether you can get hired for a job or not. Overall this article was eye opening on some of the inside scoop of determining factors as to what determining factors are in the hiring process.

Photo by Ashley Hall

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  1. Very compelling article and I would be interested in browsing it after reading your summary…but…NO LINK! I will greenlight this assignment as soon as you add the link, so go ahead and add it then email me the link to this post again to alert me that it is updated. At the same time, maybe reconsider the photo? How does it go with this post? And where is the caption? Again, this is tiny stuff to fix up, but if you need a hand, the IDS office folks can easily help (Mondays 8:30am-9pm; T-F 8:30am-5pm).

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