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Given that my program is based on art therapy I tend to follow many artists, social workers and psychologists as following these people really help inspire my future work. I feel that wellness and spirituality helps fuel my emotional and artistic process so I was inspired to follow twitter accounts that focuses on meditation.  

I came across the article…/first-steps-buddhist-meditation I found this article to be kind of comical with the blunt reality of how most of us suffer because of our own obsessive thought patterns. It talks about how many of us desire to have something in our lives and then once we have it we tend to over analyze it, want to change it or even wish for something else. I found it eye opening that the article says the best way to find peace in our lives is by fully enjoying everything that we have. I like the idea of letting go of over thinking things and simply just enjoying the moment for what it truly is! This inspired me to pay more attention to the current moment, enjoy life and try to make things as simple as possible. 



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