What Makes A Good Life!?

This weeks PLN journey lead me to one of my favorite articles I have experienced in awhile. I chose to read the article What Makes A Goodbrainpickings.org/‚Ķ/harvard-grant-study-robert-waldinger-tedLife and attached to it was a ted talk lead by a man named Robert Waldinger. This article discussed a study that was lead by a team of Sophomore Harvard students back in 1938. The study was conducted because the Harvard students wanted to know what causes individuals to live longer and what causes individuals to live a more meaningful life. The study started in 1938 and the objective was to follow a group of people starting from when they were very young all the way until the end of their lives. This study has been going on for 75 years and is still being used on the same people they started with 75 years ago. Harvard students have kept records on this group of people, recording their psychical health, family dynamics, career, and relationships. Harvard students go to these individuals homes and interview them there with their family and discuss their overall happiness, stress levels and life concerns.What this study has found so far is that the people who had the most meaningful relationships with friends, family, and marriages actually were the ones who lived longer and were the healthiest and happiest. Even if the person had high blood pressure or psychical illnesses during their 50’s, if they had happy relationships their psychical health was much better in their 80’s and they also had a healthy memory. The ones suffering from loneliness and did not have healthy relationships were not in great psychical and mental condition in there 80’s. I found this study to be so interesting and useful because I am a strong believer that the quality of your relationships definitely¬† enhances the quality of your life.


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  1. This is pretty compelling. I feel like it must be hard to generate “data” and “evidence” around something as abstract as happiness, so this was a cool study to hear about!

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